Have You Been On A Diet?
Are You Trying To Lose Bodyfat?

The Bod Pod Can Help!!

Most people diet blind…not knowing how many calories their body burns during the day.
The BOD POD will accurately tell you how many calories YOUR body burns during the day based on your activity level.
The BOD POD enables you to set up a diet/lifestyle plan based on YOUR body!
Knowing how many calories your body burns will allow you to lose body fat efficiently and effectively.

Why is Body Composition important?

A person’s body composition is a direct reflection of their overall physical activity and nutritional practices. An accurate body composition analysis can identify important shifts in fat and fat-free (lean) mass components that a scale cannot. Being overweight or obese increases the risk for disease and health conditions such as:

Type II Diabetes
Coronary Heart Disease
Certain Cancers (endometrial, breast, colon)
“Body Fat, instead of weight, is a better predictor of health.”
Donald D. Hensrud, MD, Editor, Mayo Clinic on Healthy Weight

Video How We Test

Where Is The Bod Pod Used

Everywhere Wellness and Health Are Concerned

NFL Combine
♦ NFL Teams
♦ Air Force
♦ Navy
♦ Major Universities
♦ Mayo Clinics
♦ Hospitals
♦ Weight Loss Centers
♦ Fitness Centers

How the BOD POD Measures up?

There are numerous difficulties and inaccuracies associated with properly determining obesity or general health based on a bathroom scale or BMI. Because of this, The BOD POD has quickly become the only accurate, safe, and fast method for assessing body composition.

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